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H2O Download Manager

Reach your Business Potential

The H2O Suite Download Manager is a Powerful Platform to Help you Grow your Business.

Through its easy-to-use tools, the H2O Suite Download Manager helps you manage your placements, understand your performance and maximize your revenue all in one place.

Understand your performance with in-depth reporting

The H2O platform gives you all the tools you need to take your monetization to the next level, and the real-time reporting to prove performance. Together with round-the-clock support, working with our platform makes monetizing easy.

Simplify the Management of your software

Save time with streamlined management and reporting of your solutions all in one place.

Easily compare performance across placements and perform A/B testing.

Maximize your revenue with advanced optimization Tools

Quickly identify the ad placements that are driving the best potential so you can improve optimization toward high-performing placements. Identify weak points to optimize potential problems that would jeopardize conversion rates.


Other Solutions

Installer for Windows & Mac

Industry leading monetization solution for Windows or Mac

The H2O platform for Windows & Mac gives you all the tools you need to take your monetization to the next level.


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